Sunday, October 06, 2013

Freddie is 10

So it is Freddie's Birthday today!  I cannot believe he is 10 ! Also we have moved back to Cousinville at my dad's house so i had my 10th birthday there too. So it has been 6 years since that has gone tres quick. I got some gifts from meg who is in Australia at the moment but the gifts were from Thailand.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hello october

So i have not posted in over 2 years! I cannot believe how fast that has gone! I only just remembered by old password so anyway its October today! That means 30 days till i am 16!

As its autumn now i have got some autumny apple pictures :) I made some apple spiced muffins for Alfs 2nd birthday.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mottram Show

On Sunday i rode Amore in my second show (1st was on jewel but only got to like 3rd jump).
We rode in team jumping (2ft 6in), Karen rode Tomolo, Zara on Soverein and Amy on Comet.
emaYou did the 1st round then the 2nd round and then our team and another team fought for 1st and 2nd place so we only got 4 faults in jump off so we won!! It was fun X

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zandvoort Seaside

Today we went to the seaside n was sunny went in the sea alot then got ice cream and came home!
Just found out Amy won the puissance at 1 metre 58 on carlo wel dun x

Saturday, August 13, 2011

life 2011


I dont ride jewel cus she got sold in january year 9 in september

13 (14 in october)
go up to the stable everyday pink

mainly ride comet n spot N-dubz live in hebden bridge in yorkshire

fave songs at the mo:
Friends Got 2 cats Panda n Tommy
no regrets-dappy n Eric at dads house
glad you came-the wanted
swagger jagger-cher lloyd

New start !!

Hello well i havent wrote for ages but going to start again!

So far this summer i have......

Had my ears pierced

Been to trailblazers national junior showjumping championships with Jasmine n Texas.

Been to trailblazers national seinior showjumping championships with Amy on Carlo and Karen on Anavah and everybody else!

Gone to my cousins 18th and seen all my cousins, aunties, uncles ect

Been up at the stables

Flew on an airoplane for the first time since i was a baby

Now i am in Holland in a place called Zandvoort which
is a seaside town, with my brothers, dad and his wife.

Today i went to seaside and got soaked in the sea it wasnt very hot and rainy but the waves were fun!!

So yer gunna update this hopefully ! x

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bikes and Grandmas house

This is my picture i did today :)
Hi on Saturday and Sunday Me and Izzy were making Crafty Pony stuff and doing lots of Bike Rides <3>

On Sunday we made a Picnik and went to the River to paddle it was very cold but warm outside haha! :) Then we went on a scary path wich went on 4 ages then we got to a dead end and had to cyle back but it was funn!! I made Izzy a blog called
its good!

Then on tuesday i went to my Granmas house with my Brothers and my mum for 2 nights till today! yesterday my cousins came to my grandmas aswell they were Michel, Jenny and katie and my auntie lucy and then later on Charlotte and Jessica came with there dad nick. :)

Today we came back and i am at my dads Tomorrow we are going to Chester till monday!

oh yer and i sold 2 of my rabbits the Brown 1 and the white 1!

proply wont write for a while so bye xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Obstical course

Jasmine and Texas
Izzy and Prancer

Jewel Apple bobbing

me and Jewel hopping threw tyres

Piking up the stick

Waiting :)

Apple Bobbing

Yesterday Taz, Katy P and Rosie made an Obstical course for us for doing the pony block it was so cool! we did it twice. On the first time we had to go in and out of tire then we had to pick up a pole and put in its cup, then we had to get a bean bag and thrown them in the tyres to see how much points then we went over a little jump then we had to get off the wrong side pass rosie our horse and do a leg bandage on our pony then we led it over to the wing on the wrong side nd take the bandage of and get back on the wrong side. Then we walked overto katy p who was was holding a ball so we had to get the basket ball out of the conethen hi the ball then go to the pole where you had to get of lead yor pony while hoppin threw tires and at the end of them you had to do apple bobbin and give it to your pony without using your hands and when the pony had finished yourtime stopped wen he put his tounge out. On the first go Jasmine won with 3 minitue 30 i came 2nd with 4.09 and issy came last with 5 mitnes. On our second turn we did the same exept we didnt do the leg bandages or getof on thewrong side and at the end you had to get your pony to eat the apple out of the apple bobing bucket. Jewel was verygood at it so she won texas took forever and prancer just did short little nibbles. when we finishe we playedthis game where taz shoted out aletter or object and the fist 1 to get there is the best it was really fun and we were cantering to a letter past the apple bobin bucket and jewel suddenly swerved and started eati apples in was very funny!